With the strong intention to bring varieties of tasty Thai Foods to Japanese consumers, we offer not only the fine taste that you will be experiencing, but also famous brands as known by Thai people and worldwide. These products are packed with care for safety of raw materials and free from food additive added .

        Through the long experience in Thai foods industry since 1990, Thai Food Products Supply have established a historical relationship with various well-known factories with the confidence in recognizing and understanding our customers' requirements as well as developing new products with better quality of packaging, storage to ensure hygienic quality for Japanese market.

        Our Thai cuisines are marked under the brand of U-Kitchen with the meaning of offering all convenience for your cooking at home. We offer a very wide range of Thai dished carefully prepared by our skilled Thai chef and welcome recipes and suggestions from our customers. Bulk packaging is also available for catering and fast food and full service restaurant.

        With our highly skilled and experienced team, you can be assured that Thai Food Product Supply is committed to timely deliver quality products and services to meet with your distribution's plan.

Corporate Mission :

  • Honest, direct and loyal business dealings.
  • Good taste with hygienic products.
  • Win-win attitude.

Bridge to Thai Foods

Good Taste, Great quality with Safety under Famous Brands from Thailand