U-kitchen : U-kitchen products are our pride in offering convenient Authentic Thai Foods. The products are ideal as a “Bridge to Thai Foods” for personal pleasure, catering, fast food & restaurants as well as supermarket business.

   Our products offer the following benefits:

Formulated & cooked by Thai chefs.

•  Quick & easy to prepare.

•  Consistent quality and taste.

•  Free from chemical additives, artifificial colors, and flavors.

•  Fresh ingredients raw materials.

•  2 years shelf life when stored at -18 degree C., for frozen products

•  18 months shelf life in normal room temperature for Retort Pouch products

•  Ready to eat within 7-8 minutes by Microwave or 10 minutes by steamed for boiled in bag

•  Spicy flavor, but not as hot as authentic Thai food.

•  Lower inventory required by “Just-in-time” scheme for Wholesaler/Food Processing & restaurant business.

•  Cost savings on labor cost & training necessity for Wholesaler/Food Processing & restaurant business.

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